First things first

Dafne Louzioti

Is a performance maker (and occasionally breaker) who is fascinated by games, pranks and trickery and whose practice focuses on the possibility of the possible, the awareness of what else there is beyond the known, always however, beginning from the given, that cluster of unstable elements which we may call fact, or the palpable, or known, or reality.

Is an interdisciplinary artist with training in dance, physical theatre, visual and martial arts.

Is researching capoeira angola, dissidence and def/viant bodies.

Is a permanent nomad whose work always involves the body and its limits. Whose work always involves the mind and its limits.



What matters is the invisible. That we know it is far greater than the confines of our visual existence. This is a repository of (in)visible traces of acts that have come and gone, thoughts that emerge and disintegrate, a place of passing reflections.

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